Smart technology, simple loans.

We approach things a little differently. We use predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and other data to create personalized loans. Even though we use technology for the best service possible, we see car buyers as more than just a number.

Each deal is different, and so are we.

Lending Programs

We offer competitive approvals for applicants you would never expect. Come to us with near-prime or subprime applicants, and everything in-between. We look at each applicant individually and provide the flexibility to structure deals.

Flexible Structuring

Dealers are empowered to determine the financing structures that work for their customers on the self-serve portal. As in, you modify the loan terms and interest rates, no underwriter required.

Earn incentives

Each time you help a customer make a move, you’ll benefit. In addition to the dealer reserve, you’ll receive personal incentives throughout the deal structuring process.

How it works

Link accounts

Link to bank accounts.

Our system connects to applicants’ bank accounts in real time to verify income and establish candidacy.

Automated approvals

Automated Approvals.

Our machine learning and predictive analytics mean we see things that other lenders don’t. And can provide an approval within minutes.

Dictate terms

Dictate your terms.

Structure the rate and terms that work for you, and get incentives along the way.

Client Stories

We see customers for who they are as individuals. Our loans help people live better. There aren’t any hard and fast rules because life isn’t black and white. So send us whatever you’ve got. You might be surprised.

New to Canada

New to Canada

Leanne just moved to Canada from the UK to work at an architecture firm. She had to demonstrate that she had enough money to get a working Visa to stay in the country, but apparently that’s not enough to get her a loan with most places. Larger banks won’t help finance a car, despite the fact that she’s working and has money saved up. Quantifi doesn’t mind that she’s just arrived, they look at the whole picture.



Graham spent the last 20 years working for a large plumbing company as a way to support his wife and kids. His wife is now back at work and they’re feeling a little more financially secure. Graham has started his own company. He needs a work truck but the regular banks consider him too risky. Luckily, Quantifi looks at his bank account and his work history and can come through.

Multiple incomes

Multiple incomes

Pete’s been working on writing movie scripts for the last 5 years. Pete works a bunch of odd jobs, like delivering for Skip the Dishes, driving an Uber and DJing. Pete’s income is unpredictable, but he is extremely careful with his money. Quantifi looks at all Pete’s income sources.



Jamie's a university student in the law program. She doesn’t have a job currently, but she’s set to have one in the next few years. More importantly, she has savings. Thankfully, she can secure a loan through Quantifi.



Christina’s been working the 9-5 for 10 years now. She actually likes building her monthly budget spreadsheet and she never misses a bill. She’s been living in the ‘burbs for a long time, and she’s managed to save a up a lot. Her dream? To treat herself to a nicer car for her commute. This is one quick and easy approval with Quantifi.

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